Artist Statement


I write stories for and about awkward women of all ages.

My origin story as a playwright is that I started as an actor and Shakespeare nerd, living in the body of a 5’10” fat girl – wondering if I’d ever be pretty enough, thin enough, or short enough to play Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. After a few painful years of this, I realized that if I wanted to see young women like me on stage, I would have to write them myself.

I look to tell the stories that I hardly see on stage.

Stories where queer women fall in love and get a happily ever after.
Stories about teen girls coming into their own.
Stories about women ignored by history.
Stories about women ambivalent about motherhood.
Stories about awkward tension between women of color and white women who aren’t quite liberal as they think they are.
Stories that require transcendent theatricality – including magic, puppetry, and dance.
Stories about misfits finally find their place.
Stories about older women finally coming into their own.
Stories that invoke lesser known pieces of folklore.
Stories that examine lesser known pieces of history.

But most of all I want to tell stories that would make the 16 year version of myself – the girl who wondered if she’d ever able be able to see herself as a lead – hope for the future.